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People want to change and develop, not to be changed.

In the last couple of decades our lives have changed completely. At work as well as at home. Certainties are things of the past. Information and impulses about today’s world reach you through the internet, cell phones, magazines, journals, sms, web logs and social media. And they all have to be interpreted. The world changes. And we will have to learn how to deal with a continuously changing environment.

This is the world of Change Communication and Advice. Coordination, coaching and training, assistance and advice in change management situations and internal communications in organizations. We combine knowledge and experience with organizational management, Human Relations and Communications into an appropriate change approach. We believe communication is the key success factor in situations where organizations want to implement a new strategy, to re-engineer their structure or try to let employees look to a changing working environment. From a challenging point of view instead of a threatening one.

If your organization is on the brink of change, we can advise you on an appropriate approach, and assist you with the overall internal communication. And thus turn your change into a success. We strongly believe that people actually are willing to change, as long as they are invited to, not forced. We deal with situations like the merger of departments, closing down of business units or operating companies and cultural shifts. We assist you with your organization culture interventions, efficiency programmes, outsourcing, motivational programmes and coaching. Always co-operating with HR and organizational disciplines, when appropriate.


Who we are

Raymond Schra is owner of
Change Communication and Advice.

With degrees in business administration (Nyenrode, BBA), Change management (CMC) and Communications Raymond has over 25 years of experience in change management and communication.

Furthermore Raymond teaches communication management at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht.

Raymond Schra

“As ‘a management consultant specialized in communications’ I like to work in the area of organizational, HRM and communications assignments. I am on my best in change project teams; I developed an added value approach for project teams in my role as a ‘teambroker’.”


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Call: +31 (0)6 22 93 41 33 or mail me at: for an appointment.

Raymond Schra is co-author of the in 2010 published book “Veranderkunst, communicatiemanagement in praktisch perspectief”. (available in Dutch only)

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Raymond Schra

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